Accidents On Narrow Roads Kill Thousands Of People. Engineers In Argentina Found An Answer

It happens thousands and thousands of times every year in countries all around the world. Frustrated by the relatively slow-moving truck in front of them, a driver gives into temptation and tries to pass it even though this means entering a lane of oncoming traffic that they can’t even see. Sometimes it’s the last thing they see.

In Argentina, for example, one person dies on the road every hour and that’s in a country with barely more than an eighth the population of the United States. The South American nation has many narrow roads that are just one lane in each direction. Passing is allowed, but not always a good idea, especially when a big truck is in front of you blocking the view.

Samsung, a Korean electronics giant, is a company that is seldom at a loss for innovative ideas. Its beginnings were modest: incredibly, the firm we associate with televisions and smart phones got its start in the 1930s… In the seafood business! By the late 1960s, Samsung began making electronics and hasn’t looked back since.

The engineers at Samsung’s subsidiary in Argentina found themselves thinking about the problem of motorists unsafely attempting to pass trucks on the country’s narrow roads. There had to be a way to prevent the senseless tragedies that so often ensued. They came up with a brilliant solution, simple yet elegant. Good engineering often is! Some of Samsung’s best known technology could be used with spectacular effect and save countless lives.

We’ve posted the video below. Not only was the Samsung engineers’ solution really clever, but it’s visually striking, too. It’s almost like art on wheels.

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