Adopted Baby With Down Syndrome Brings New Mom Joy With Big Smile

Potential parents know that having a child with Down Syndrome is going to take a bit of extra love and effort. Children with Down Syndrome rarely get adopted. When a new mom films her adopted baby with the disorder giving her the biggest smile, the internet falls in love.

There is an organization called National Down Syndrome Adoption Network that focuses on helping babies and children with Down Syndrome to find a forever home. When any person is adopted, it can easily be the happiest moment of their life.

A baby girl was lying on the floor with her new mom as she proceeded to grin from ear-to-ear. This adorable smile instantly brought joy to her mother. Behind her big beautiful eyes, you can tell that this baby is in love with her new family.

After the mom posted the video, people all over the world were sharing it across social media. She hopes that her daughter will help change how some people view individuals with Down Syndrome. Hopefully, this little cutie brought a smile to your day.