When He Adopted This Famous Deformed Cat, His Life Changed FOREVER!

Everybody who has spent at least a small amount of time on the internet can recognize Lil Bub, the amazing cat who became an internet sensation for his special face and unbelievably cute attitude. Lots of people have seen some of his cute videos and photos, and there’s even internet memes made from his content. But do you know the story behind the internet star? You can watch it for yourself in the video right below!

Lil Bub was a reject since the day she was born, and she was considered a runt by the other members of her litter, because of her genetic anomalies that caused her dwarfism and her facial deformity. But after such a rough start on life, this kitty never let her face down, and after she was adopted by her kind human dad, everything started seeming brighter for the future.

You can learn all about how Lil Bub changed her owner’s life forever, and all the amazing accomplishments that the cat has made after his unfair upbringing, and it will make your heart warm up with joy.

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