This Adopted Man Gets Box Of Christmas Joy From Birth Mother

Jeff Quibell never knew his biological mom. That’s because she put him up for adoption in 1958 and his adoptive parents, Don and Trudy, quickly became Mom and Dad. Jeff grew up in a happy home in Blue Springs, MO knowing he was an adopted child. He never much thought about his birth mother, until his doctor needed to know his medical history.

After four months of searching for his birth mom, Jeff finally tracked her down. During an emotional meeting, Jeff told KMBC that the night was full of laughter, tears and lots of hugs, but it also included the exchange of an incredible gift. Jeff’s mom, Ann, gave him an old wooden box. Inside there were 44 Christmas ornaments, each one representing a year they were apart. Jeff was stunned when he went through the box and learned she added a new ornament to her collection every year, and hung them on a Christmas tree in his honour. What a simply beautiful gesture. Jeff was really moved by this, as you will see in the video.

Jeff and Ann began to regularly communicate, and she has even become close with his adopted parents. Jeff is very fortunate to now to know that he has three parents who love him, and always have. His birth mother’s decision to give him up was very difficult.

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