Adopted Parrot Lived In A Cage For 2 Years, Now Look What He Does When They Set Him Free!

Lots of people are unaware of the perks of having a bird friend living with you at home. If you’re wondering why you should love birds, look no further than the clip featuring this crazy parrot! His name is Stanley, and he’s an African grey parrot who likes good ol’ fashioned fun without many complications.

Stanley is one of those birds who just enjoys the simple things. He was kept inside of a small cage for two years by his previous irresponsible owners, but now he has a new home in which he can roam and fly freely without feeling enclosed or in danger. These exotic birds are more intelligent than they seem, and for this reason they need lots of stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Stanley likes to enjoy his newfound freedom doing the simplest thing: slide down a banister! His new mom cheers him on as he enjoys the sliding, and even the woman’s dogs encourage their new bird sibling in the friendliest and most adorable way. I love to see animals of different species interacting and befriending each other, and this video is just a perfect treat!

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