They Adopted A Puppy From The Shelter, And The Kids’ Reaction? AWW!

Receiving a new furry member in your family is one of the most exciting things that you can do all together. This is what the young family in this amazing video was doing, when they went to visit the Alaqua Animal Refuge, in Florida, to look at the rescue animals that lived there. The whole family made the trip together to pick their new friends, and the two little kids are the most excited ones to choose already.

Since the very moment they saw Glimmer, they knew that he was the one. When the two little kids see him, is as if they had been best friends for a while already! The both of them jump of joy, and they don’t take their eyes off the cute pup for the rest of the moment. After adopting it, all of them seem to be having the happiest day of their lives.

If you’ve ever had the luck to adopt a furry friend from a shelter, you’re definitely going to relate to the joy that this family feels. And if you haven’t, you shouldn’t miss on the opportunity! It’s definitely one of the greatest experiences ever.

Watch this precious moment for yourself in the video that we put below.

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