He Adopted A Tiny Baby Cougar. But NO ONE Was Expecting To See THIS Happen! UNBELIEVABLE!

Mario Infanti has been nicknamed “Cat Man” due to his affinity with cats. He has two women in his life, one is his wife Lenore, and another is a 15-stone mountain lion called Sasha. This 63-year-old decided to adopt this beautiful animal when she was just a kitten, and now Sasha regards him as her mother. Wait till you see their incredible friendship for yourself!

Mario and Lenore chose not to have kids so that they could raise Sasha. They have already spent thousands to nurture her and bring her up to be the beautiful cougar that she is now. They live in Cape Coral, Florida, and this couple has also been criticized by many for keeping Sasha as a pet. But Mario says she would be worse off in the wild because she would be hunted and victimized by humans.

Unfortunately, there is some truth to that. Cougars are at the top of the food chain, and as a result, farmers and ranchers all over the Americas have hunted them rather than lose livestock to them. Governments have contributed to this hunting as well, calling the killing a “predator control program.” This has greatly decreased their numbers.

However, Mario and Lenore saved this one. He bottle-fed her and was with her 24/7 for four months. She definitely became attached to this musician, and she certainly misses him when he’s on the road.

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