Adopted woman finds her brother after 30 years – what he tells her is jaw-dropping!

Family history can be a complex and emotional roller-coaster. No matter where we’re from it is something we all share and we can all tell some wonderful stories about our family’s colourful and often crazy past. Perhaps none more so than Christina Housel from Washington State.

Christina was an adopted child, but after growing up, getting married and starting a family of her own, she then decided it was high time to dig into the past and find out about her biological mom. To her astonishment, she discovered that she had a brother! Imagine learning that you have a sibling – 30 years down the line! Well – it gets even better!

Sadly, because Christina never got to know or meet her biological mother, she would have had no knowledge of just how extensive her family actually is – and when she went to meet her brother, Lyle James Berryman, in Arizona – it was then he dropped the ultimate bombshell. That they also have twin sisters!

The re-reunited pair then made it a mission to bring the family together for the very first time and they set about finding their sisters online. They posted photographs and asked friends and family to help them in their search – trying to find twin sisters born in Florida between 1992-1994. It certainly looked like a needle in a haystack – but remarkably, the call was answered by twin sisters Ashley Bo in South Dakota and Lauren Rutherford in Tennessee.

Lyle was the only one who really knew their biological mother, and he said before she passed away, she told him about his other siblings. Then destiny came calling when Christina tracked him down, and it was time to make the family complete. Ashley and Lauren responded to the Facebook photograph that went viral, and the video you’re about to watch is the siblings coming together for the very first time!

It’s an emotional first meeting as they share childhood photographs and can’t believe how much they all look alike! It’s astounding to learn that the twins had never even seen a picture of their birth-mother too, so that was a touching moment when they see her for the first time. How would you feel if you suddenly discovered something like this when you’re over 30 years old! What a mind-blowing story – but we’re happy they’re all finally reunited. Family is very important after all!