Their Adoptive Mom Made Them A Cardboard Condo, And What These Kittens Do Next Is Adorable

I don’t think I speak only for myself when I say I loved to play with boxes back when I was little. There is something so fun about simple cardboard boxes that just opens up all sorts of possibilities in the imagination of a child. And it’s not something that only humans feel either; cats share that feeling with us too! Haven’t you ever seen a cat sleep in a shoebox, or play in a cardboard box by popping out the top of it? To them, a box is toy, as you will see in this clip.

It’s a very cheap and easy solution, but a plain cardboard box can be a real wonder for your cats at home. The woman in the video below adopted a bunch of kittens, and she decided that the best way to give them something to play with was to build them a cat condo herself! But she didn’t make the condo from wood and carpet like the ones you see in stores. Oh no, she was much more innovative than that. She made the whole design with cardboard and recycled materials, and that alone is more than the cats could ever ask for!

The kittens love hanging out in it and playing all over and around the construction, and they look absolutely adorable while they’re at it. I want to make one for my own cat right now! What do you think?

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