He Adopts A Big Middle-Aged Dog. He’s Stunned When He Finds THIS In The Paperwork…

Tracey McMenamy has always loved dogs and she acts as a foster parent for the rescue organization Operation Paws for Homes. Tracey is also the wife of a police officer. While she admires the dedication that her husband has to the community she does worry about some of the more concerning statistics around police officers.

So far this year, 16 police officers have been killed in the line of duty. It’s hard to watch a husband leave every morning and not know if it could be for the very last time. Tracey said, “As a wife, it’s scary for me that we’ve lost that many police officers.”

With a rescue dog that Tracey was looking after had litter of 10 puppies she saw an opportunity to raise awareness about this sobering statistic. Each puppy was named after a fallen police officer. This story touched not only the hearts of the people who had heard about it, but also the families who had lost loved ones in the line of duty.

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