He Adopts a Senior Dog from the Shelter. One Day The Dog Stops And Looks Up. Something Is Wrong.

There are many articles where we have covered the adoption topic. Adoption for dogs is the best thing we can do. It’s doing several things at the same time. On the one hand, there are many dogs in shelters waiting to be adopted. About 6 million of them end up in shelters across America. These are dogs that have been abandoned for many reasons.

Sometimes it’s because they’re sick, sometimes it is because they don’t want them anymore. The problem here is that each year more and more of them end up being euthanized. There are simply not enough homes for them to go to. These dogs deserve a home. They deserve to be with a loving family and they have a lot of love to give.

Besides that, by adopting a dog instead of buying one we’re also helping to fight a national health problem. The next video is a song that was donated to PETA. This organization promotes many things. Among them is the adoption of cats and dogs. In this case, a man is feeling lonely and is thinking of getting a dog. Many ideas are probably going through his mind, the strongest one is adoption.

He gets a flyer with the phone number and address of several places. She decides on one of them. The next day he’s going there to look. He’s not quite sure of what kind of dog he wants. He just a dog person, it’s not like he has a certain breed in mind.

The next day he wakes up early. He gets ready and leaves for the shelter. Once in the shelter, he looks at several dogs. He didn’t know they had so many of them. Some of the dogs are very small, some of them are very young. There are even puppies there for adoption, who would’ve thought? In the end, he looks at a dog that catches his eye. He’s just a regular dog. The only thing is that he’s a senior. He figures senior dogs don’t get adopted that often.

He probably has had a rough life. They have no idea at the shelter, they just found him in the street. He gets the dog and takes him home. He’s bought all sorts of things for his new friend. A special bed, special toys, everything. He likes to spend time with him. The dog looks happy as well with him. One day he’s taking the dog for a walk and the unthinkable happens. The dog stops and looks at him. Watch the video for the conclusion.