Adorable 17 month-old boy storms onstage and steals the show from his dad

In show business, they say never to work with children or animals. And indeed, both can be unpredictable. But when country singer-songwriter Coffey Anderson’s little boy ran out on stage to dance along with the music, it actually worked really well.

Coffey Anderson grew up in a small town in central Texas. His dad worked at the local jail while his mom taught English at a junior high school. His musical talents really started to flourish in his college years at Howard Payne University. He borrowed a guitar from his then-girlfriend’s father and began working on chords while singing in his dorm room. Before long, fellow students were dropping by to listen. His six foot five inch height got him a place on the university’s basketball team, but music is where his real talent lay.

Whether he’s playing country, pop, or Christian music, Anderson delivers quite a show, what with his stage presence, voice, personality, great sense of humor and wonderful Southern charm. His tour calendar is a busy one, with performances at rodeos, fairs, private events, and festivals. He’s appeared on a variety of TV shows, notably NBC’s “Nashville Star.” Despite his hectic schedule, Anderson finds time for charitable activities, especially efforts to help wounded military veterans.

When his 17 month-old son Ethan ran out on stage and hugged his legs, Anderson was a total pro and didn’t miss a note. Ethan then ran offstage but stopped and began dancing again — he just couldn’t help it! Moments later, he ran back onstage and this time his dad led him in a charming little dance. Ethan repeated the onstage-offstage run a couple more times. The kid needs some practice, be he’s actually pretty good for a toddler!

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