These Adorable Babies Were Rescued From Lives of Neglect and Abuse Have An Inspiring Message To Tell You.

You can never have enough happiness and this video proves just that. It shows the wonderful babies of all different kinds playing in Edgar’s Mission. Edgar’s Mission is a farm sanctuary in Australia that rescues and provides life-long care to over 150 animals that were neglected, abused and abandoned by farming industries. The smile on the faces of these smiles is heartwarming!

How cute were the piglets playing with the pigmy goats?! I know I was in constant “Awww” mode for the entire video haha! I don’t know what’s cuter the sight of a baby pig rolling around in the mud or a dog sitting side by side with a pigmy goat!

All animals deserve love and happiness. That’s what the animals at Edgar’s Mission are trying to tell us. Pass on the message to your friends by sharing this video.

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