Adorable Baby Alpacas Are Here To Steal Your Heart With Their Smiles

These baby alpacas aren’t shy about how cute they are. They are fluffy, smiley, and they know it. Just look how friendly they are with the local kids, giving them kisses. Oh and here’s one that eats from a bottle. And there’s one that snoozes in the grass. Every single one is adorable.

A baby alpaca is called a cria, and that’s proof enough that they are the world’s cutest animals — especially when they are babies. These crias are out to steal your heart with their antics. Just watch as they smile shamelessly for the camera, run around all cute and bouncy, and kisses the kiddies.

These crias will live their entire life in Peru, eventually living in a herd with other alpacas that are farmed for their soft wool. This wool is turned into lovely organic products, and because alpaca wool is hypoallergenic, the sweaters and such woven from it are safe for everyone to wear. Plus, it’s like you get a hug from an alpaca every day you wear one.