Adorable Baby and Grandpa Come Up With Heartwarming “Scheme”

Any time a new baby is welcomed into a family, grandparents are some of the most excited people on the planet. They can’t wait to give the precious newborn cuddles, smiles, and have their heart melted by those adorable big cheeks.

Grandpa Steve was out to dinner with his beautiful grandaughter Joeli. He lifted her in his arms while he had an intense conversation with her that made it sound like the two were planning an intricate heist.

You can’t help but smile as Joeli attempts to talk with her favorite grandpa, and she even uses cute facial expressions and sounds that warm your heart. It makes us wonder what on earth she must’ve been thinking about this goofy older man.

It’s not hard to tell that Grandpa Steve and Joeli are going to be best friends for a long time. Their relationship is just getting started, and we can’t wait to see what hilarious shenanigans these cuties get up to in the coming days.