Adorable baby elephant plays in river for the first time

baby elephant plays in river

A trio of elephants walks into a riverbank in Thailand. The smaller of the three, a baby, takes the lead and begins to walk into the water between the other two’s legs.

The baby elephant seems overjoyed at the sight of the water and the cooling effect it has on her elephant skin. She coos and jumps around the two who standby, glancing at her.

This elephant is young Pyi Mai, who we can see playing between the legs of her mom Mae Mai and the nanny Sri Nuan. As the video title suggests, it is the first time baby Pyi Mai has ever been in the river.

baby elephant plays in river

In this happy moment between a family of elephants, many have gushed over the adorableness of the young one. At the same time, comments indicate the importance of animals being in their natural habitat.

The video is on the Elephant News YouTube channel, an online environmental news network based in Thailand that works with Elephant Nature Park and Save Elephant Foundation. Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants that provides a natural shelter for the animals.

It brings such joy to see an animal in the wild safely enjoying their environment. It’s delightful to witness such a majestic creature playing for the first time in the river.

The video has gained around 95 thousand views on YouTube and has over two hundred comments talking about the joy of the baby elephant and the freedom that they have to roam around.

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