This Adorable Baby Elephant Steals The Show When They Start Recording

Every animal appreciates a bit of attention, even if it is just a bunch of humans looking at them. We as humans are guilty of wanting a bit of attention too, especially when we want our photo taken, right? But in this video, you will see a particular animal that really loves to hog the limelight, and you might be surprised at who it is. This charismatic photo bomber is a baby elephant! He definitely proves that not only people understand the fun of a photo bomb. He can’t help but want to be the center of attention and really steals the show!

This little guy really hams it up in front of the camera, parading in front of the lenses quite effectively, charming the camera guy and all the spectators. He was born to be famous, and now he is, thanks to the internet!  I don’t think he would have allowed the camera man to film anything else. I love how the adult elephants in the background just ignore his antics and continue eating, occasionally shaking their heads like they are embarrassed by him. It is too funny!  They are just oblivious to the little one’s theatrics and just continues to graze, but this baby elephant is too busy to think about food. He certainly did set himself apart from the rest of the herd!

Videos like this are great for the soul. It definitely lets me start my day with a light heart!

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