Adorable baby elephant throws a temper tantrum by the road: mom knows exactly how to handle it

One universal fact of life that parents all over the world have had to deal with is the dreaded toddler tantrum. These displays of defiance featuring pouting, foot stamping, yelling, screaming, crying, and ranting can be very trying for parents. For better or worse, it’s a normal part of child development, a way of building force of character. If it isn’t your child who’s melting down, it can even be funny! What can also be side-splitting, again as long as you’re just watching, is when a full-grown adult throws a tantrum. Celebrities do it all the time: they may have been perfectly normal until fame and wealth transformed them into tantrum-prone adult toddlers!

Little humans aren’t the only ones who fly off the handle and throw tantrums. Like people, elephants are intelligent and sensitive. And just like their human counterparts, elephant toddlers can stage epic tantrums and make the most high-strung opera diva look calm, reasonable, and even-tempered. A baby elephant throwing a hissy fit is exactly what you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below.

Part of a herd that’s been on the march, an adorable little baby elephant decides it’s time to throw a tantrum. The backstory isn’t clear: it could be that the little one is tired, wanted something to eat, or decided it was just too hot out for marching. Maybe it was just a baby elephant’s version of asking, “Are we there yet?” In any case, it’s really funny to see this tiny elephant defiantly roll around in the roadside dirt. Mom is no fool. She walks by, pretending that nothing at all out of the ordinary is happening. She knows that it’s best to do nothing while her little one lets off steam.

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