Adorable Baby Koala With A Royal Name Is Melting Hearts With Her Charm

Named after Queen Elsa of Disney fame, little Elsa the baby koala started out life in a bit of trouble. Her mother couldn’t feed her, so she was placed with a keeper to be raised until she is big enough to join the other orphaned koalas living at Australian Reptile Park.

Baby koala Elsa lives at Australian Reptile Park. While she may be cute as a button, life hasn’t been easy for this little bundle of fur. After her birth, Elsa’s mother developed an infection that prevented her from feeding Elsa, so they had to be separated from one another. Elsa was put in the care of one of the keepers.

The keeper asked her kids what they should name the baby koala just placed in her care, and since they had just returned from a trip to Disney World, her daughter said to name the koala “Elsa.” Elsa is getting big and healthy, and will soon join the other baby koalas in a jungle enclosure at Australian Reptile Park.