This adorable baby lion really loves his zookeeper! AWWW!

It’s no secret that lions are one of the most fearsome predators human has ever had to face. They’re like a symbol for might and power, and as one of the biggest cats we have ever met, their power is no joke. However, at the end of the day, they’re really just very big cats. And when they’re in the kitten stage, they’re as adorable as any other of their feline cousins, something you can witness for yourself in the video we put right below just for you! On it, we can see that a bond between lion and man is not only possible, but as cute as you could imagine!

In the clip right below we can see a little part of Shlomi Nissim’s project with lion photography. Being an animal photographer and documenter, he has to travel many places and meet many different animals for his work. He was working with two lion cubs for his work, and after just a few days, they’ve already become quite attached to him. You’ll see how they even give him a big goodbye hug when he’s about to leave, and it’s one of the most adorable moments I’ve ever seen, especially for lions!

Watch these cute lions for yourself right below!

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