Adorable Baby Penguin Loves Being Tickled! Watch Him Giggle His Way At the Zoo!

Animals sure have funny ways of communicating and sometimes the things they do can have us in stitches. When this resident penguin living at the Cincinnati Zoo Bird House goes a-walking around the zoo, nobody expected this to happen. This adorable bird sure added the happiness quotient to his caretaker’s day.

Having a bandage around his foot due to bumblefoot, this penguin was searching for his owner when he spied him sitting behind his desk. Watch how this cute penguin rushes towards the person he knows. And the best thing is Chris, his owner, knows exactly what Cookie wants!

No, it’s not food. Want to guess again? You’d never guess – this penguin loved being tickled! You’ll see the CUTEST reaction from Cookie as Chris reaches down to pet the penguin and eventually starts tickling the little black and white creature. His reaction to the tickling is so enchanting and captivating that the infectious laughter spreads to the people around him. Listen to his contagious sounds of laughter fill the room.

I’ve never seen anything like this and this video was just SO adorable! I absolutely loved it! Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Let us know what you feel in the comments section below. We love hearing from you!

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