Most Adorable Baby Squirrel Gets Lost, Then Adopted By Cat. LEARNS TO PURR!!

Cats and squirrels tend not to get along. The biggest factor in their enmity is that feral cats tend to like to eat them. My wife and I were walking on the street near our suburban house once. Across the street, we suddenly see a black feral cat standing in front of a squirrel, who suddenly realized that its time on Earth might be ending soon. The little guy gave an effort though… he tried to juke like a football running back, but the cat just matched him move for move until got within striking distance, seized its neck in his jaws and… well. Bye, squirrel. That’s what makes this video even more moving.

Jim and Karen Watkins are not your ordinary cat lovers. They adopted 18 of them, many of them strays. They only stopped there because they wanted to be able to help all of them. Then one day, a new kind of stray fell from a tree into their lawn. It was a baby squirrel who had been abandoned. He was in bad shape. They swooped in and brought the little guy in. The problem was, he needed a mommy to nurse him. Out of desperation, they tried their cat, Emmy, who had recently given birth.

Sure enough, Emmy took to the baby squirrel like it was another of her kittens. The Watkins named him Rocky. Given their dedication to helping troubled animals, I would not be surprised if they had a moose in their house name Bullwinkle. It’s awesome watching him fight with the other kittens to suckle Emmy’s teat. They all sleep bunched up together in Emmy’s bed.

The most amazing thing about it is that Rocky actually starts purring. He thinks he’s really a cat! No one hold a mirror up to him, please. It’s adorable to see him climb into to the bed with Emmy and her other kittens. The only sort of sad thing is that he can’t go back out into the wild. He thinks he’s a cat now! Imagine if he got older and was walking around outside and another cat saw him. It’s not like he could say, “Wait! I’m not a squirrel! I’m a cat!” before being eaten. The Watkins do have an adorable new pet, though. One that will always be able to fit in their pockets.

What an adorable squirrel! I want one! Though I have two cats… never mind. What did you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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