These Adorable Baby Is Taking A Nap! You Won’t Believe How Her Friend Takes Care Of Her!

Parents always want to be able to treasure each and every part of their kids milestones. My parents have, easily, 4 different albums with pictures of me. I was a 90s baby, nowadays it is far easier to keep track of kids’ cuteness. We want to create memories of their youth and childhood so that they can look back at them when they are older. More importantly, it provides a way for us to reflect and see how much are children have grown and matured.

This Mom was doing just that when she recorded her baby daughter sleeping. However, she also managed to capture another precious moment.

While her 10-week-old daughter Isabella was taking a nap, Mom’s loves pup Miso steps in. Mom has just set Isabella down for a nap, but Miso notices that Mom forgot to do one tuck Isabella in.

Noticing this, Miso steps in, and she covers little Isabella in a pink blanket so that she’s nice and cozy during her nap. How sweet is that?

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