Adorable Beagle Puppy Looks Right At The Camera. Now Watch His Reaction When Dad Says THIS…

A dog’s bark is his voice, just like a human’s voice when the speak. To us, their barks may sound similar, but each dog actually has his own unique and distinct sound, although sometimes dogs of the same species do have very similar barks, especially if they are in the same mood. Barks can mean different things, just like a baby’s cry, and to know what they are communicating means you have to know your dog.

Big dogs usually have a slow, deep, and sometimes even intimidating bark while smaller dogs have a reputation for being ‘yippy’ because of their fast-paced, high-pitched barks. But dogs of all breeds and sizes have been known to howl like their ancestors, the wolf, whether it’s at the moon or a siren or at something invisible and silent to us.

Dogs have this special skill of howling, and some feel they need to invest a lot of time practicing in order to get it just right. Louie is a five-month old beagle and he hasn’t learned how to howl yet, so his human is trying to teach him. His owner is very encouraging and Louie catches on with a degree of enthusiasm that surprises his owner.

You can see the adorable Louie learning how to howl in the next video.

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