This Adorable Bear Cub Plays With Her Momma. You’ll Be In LOVE When You See Them Together!

Let’s face it, there’s almost nothing as adorable and magical as a baby playing happily with his/her mom. It’s one of those things that give us joy in life, and living this kinds of moments is absolutely precious. We featured for you today, in which footage is shown of a little bear cub playing with his mom, and it’s one of the most adorable things I’ve seen!

It was posted on YouTube several years ago, but it’s been going viral recently. They recorded it in the Phoenix Zoo, in Arizona, and the bears are of a very rare Andean breed. Luka, the bear cub, is one of the few of this type that’s been born in captivity in America.

The way this lovely cub plays may look a little rough for some people, but it’s the natural way that bears usually play. Her mom, Rio, is very kind and patient with her daughter, as reported by the Zoo’s staff. They usually give bears like these gender-neutral names, by the way, because it can take two years for them to fully develop, so their gender is very hard to determine for sure until then.

Watch their video right below. Aren’t they just lovely? Remember to share the video if you liked it, and to leave us your thoughts in the comments!

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