Adorable bear rolls on her back as she gets brushed

Woman brushes bear and scratches her belly every now and then

Every August bears start to shed their coats, which can get problematic. So it is important for someone to help them get rid of their clumped-up and loose fur.

Susan, who works at the wildlife center, walks up to Maddy with a large brush in her hand. Maddy is one of the more vocal bears, and is almost twice Susan’s size.

Maddy can’t hide her excitement at seeing Susan, she howls and yelps with joy. On the grass she is lying completely relaxed, the sun up high warming her back.

As the brushing begins Maddy begins to look even more relaxed. Susan does a great job of brushing every nook and cranny while also giving Maddy firm pets and scratches.

Woman brushes bear and scratches her belly every now and then

Maddy enjoys it so much she can’t help but twitch her leg. A few minutes into the session she rolls on her back, so her belly is facing up.

This helps Susan so she can brush the underparts of Maddy. She takes a short break where she plays with Maddy, making sure she is happy and relaxed.

She finishes off by getting all the loose furs near the soft paw pads, being as gentle as she can. Before she walks off she lightly and lovingly taps Maddy’s paws.

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