Adorable Beluga Whale Thought To Be Russian Spy Makes A Home In The Northernmost Town In The World

Hvaldimir The Friendly Beluga Whale Adopted By Remote Town In Northern NorthwayHe was found in Norwegian waters wearing a Russian harness and loved the town so much he made it is home. Now the town of Hammerfest has adopted him, and feed him every day.

Hvaldimir loves his new home, and the town loves him. Hammerfest is known as being the northernmost town in the world and is home to about 10,000 residents, all who have agreed to spend their tax dollars to support their new beluga pal.

Wondering where such a cute whale got such a complicated name? One fan explained his unusual moniker: “Fun Fact: Hvaldimir’s name is a mix of two things, Hval and Vladimir.
Hval is the Norwegian word for whale and Vladimir is for Vladimir Putin. (The Russian President)”