Adorable cat looks just like a toddler asking to be picked up

Adorable cat with human mom

Every pet enjoys getting close to their favorite humans and feeling loved. However, one unique kitty, Flash, expresses his love for his owner Lauren Hathaway in a very different way.

Adorable cat

Every morning when the cat’s owner went to pick him up, he would just reach out to her by raising his paws just like a human baby. At first, Lauren thought it was just a coincidence and thought it was adorable of the cat.

However, he would do this every single time Lauren went to pick Flash up. If she was gone for a while, he would raise his paw for a long time and would jump into his owner’s arms.

Adorable cat with human mom

Flash never had issues being little and had a lot of energy. He loved his dog siblings, and they were like family to him. He liked being around them and playing with them.

Flash would follow Lauren everywhere and was very welcoming when she came home. After he grew up, Flash got used to the house and acted like a lazy pet. However, he would freak out if he was left out.

Adorable cat and dog

For instance, if Lauren was watering the plants in her garden, Flash would sit near the door and want her back in his home. He would always roam all over the house and wanted to get involved in everything his owners did.

For Lauren and her husband, he was more than a cat. Flash completed their beautiful family. Even the dog siblings were absolutely protective of the cat because of his loving nature.

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Adorable cat looks just like a toddler asking to be picked up