This Adorable Cockatiel Serenade His Dog Friend! Your Healt Will Melt!

There is nothing better that accompanying music with food and vice versa! Even if it might be a bit intrusive in a family restaurant setting, it is undeniable to appreciate good music alongside a delicious meal. It can even make it taste even better!  However I don’t understand people that find is infuriating and annoying and this video will perhaps show a lighter side of this aspect!

In the animal kindgdom there are several unlikely friendships that are formed and even more so when interaction is aided by humans introducing different species at young ages. Take this dos and his adorable cockatiel friend, for example. Not only is he completely comfortable eating by the side of the dog, he is also giving his best performance to make his canine friend’s meal tastier!  It seems that it is possible to combine music with fine dining in the case of this extremely adorable duo!

It may be that you prefer your restaurants quaint and quiet, or with a bit more loudness! It all depends on your personality and mood; however these two friends show us just how important it is to appreciate everything that life throws your way as well as the abilities of your peers!

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