This Adorable Corgi Has The Brightest Smile Of Them All. See What His Owners Got Him For Christmas.

Getting the ultimate gift for your little companion can never be harder. They seem to lose interest after just a few moments with it not considering how much trouble you went through to give it to them. You get them the perfect dog bed for Christmas, they still prefer the rag. You fetch them the best squeaky toy out there, they lose interest after just a few rounds of fetch and it is left lying around the floor to be accidentally stepped on. But you know that you have given your dog the best toy if they show genuine delight like this little and very lucky Corgi.

This little guy, Peabody the Corgi, has the coolest little sweater in town and he will flaunt it around for a while, that’s for sure! His glee is apparent and he leaps in the air to show his delight. His parents must have won the best Christmas gift award category on this evident. We just hope he hangs on to his present for a while and from what his face tells, that will not be a concern.

Watch this ecstatic Corgi in the video below. Do not forget to leave us your feelings about this cute little guy in the comments section.

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