Adorable Corgi Gets Relaxing Dog Massage, Goes Into Zen Mode. So Cute!

Dogs are absolutely lovable creatures that deserve to have their day of fun and relaxation as well. When we work hard or are tired, many of us head to the spa or the parlor to get a relaxing massage. Well, this lucky pooch was fortunate enough to get a nice doggie massage one day.

Watch how this Corgi looks to be in blissful doggy heaven as he gets a relaxing massage from a masseuse who knows what she’s doing. Just watching the video made me long for a massage too! Look him close his eyes in absolute bliss as all his doggy aches and pains get soothed away by an expert touch.

I loved this video because it made me realise that dogs need to be pampered too! They certainly deserve their day of fun, just like we take our day off to get pampered.

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