Adorable Corgi Puppy Has An Epic Match With His New Worst Enemy: A Doorstop!

The most fascinating thing about living with dogs is watching them discover the world around them for the very first time. Puppies are especially adorable because of this, because on top of the added cuteness that they have just by being baby dogs, they are very expressive and excited about everything they meet for the first time, even if it’s something completely mundane, like… a doorstop.

Lexi, the lovely corgi puppy shown in the clip below, has exactly this encounter while exploring around his new home. She was just about 3 months old when the video was recorded, and you can tell by his excitement that she loves anything new!

The adorable pup starts an epic fight against his new worst enemy, and he won’t surrender until the last doorstop has been chewed for good! She’s very confused by the movement of the device, because he probably hadn’t not touched a spring before this happened, and it’s very obvious that this confusion only makes the fight more intense for her. We’re lucky her owner was able to record this moment fast, because it’s just priceless. By the end of the video, she does something that will instantly win your heart over.

Enjoy this cute clip right below!

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