Adorable croak from tiny furious desert frog

This desert rain frog, native to Southern Africa, went viral thanks to the cute squeaky sounds they make instead of croaks. The squeaky sound can easily be confused with that of a dog toy.

However, not to be confused with playtime, this is a warcry. The desert rain frogs make their squeaky cry only when angry, unlike the other frogs who croak when searching for a mate or feel threatened.

Their croak is not the only unique thing about them; their appearance is equally a wonder. The tiny frog doesn’t go through the tadpole stage after hatching. Instead, they go straight into adulthood.

From the lower side of their body, you can see the insides of the desert rain frog because of its transparent area of skin. That is one thing you don’t come across every day.

Their upper side, though, has a sandy-brown texture, making sure it easily camouflages with its surroundings. The yellowish-brown skin often has sand adhering to it, keeping them safe from predators.

Because of how they are built, the desert rain frog has short limbs to walk instead of hopping or jumping. As seen in the video, it is making some short steps, thanks to its tiny limbs.

With over sixteen million views on Youtube, the cute frog continues to puzzle many. If you happen to be on the Southwestern coast of Africa and come across the squeaking amphibian, get your best swords out.

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