Adorable Dog Falls In Love With Stuffed Gorilla! Aww!

Maymo’s pet parents recently brought home something that could either give a dog a major fright, or become the best and most beloved dog toy of all time — a giant stuffed gorilla.
At first, Maymo is a little anxious and confused, but also fully intrigued by his furry new friend. In the battle between Gorilla vs. Mayo, who will win?!

Well, if you’re expecting a fight to the finish, you’re about to be royally disappointed. Maymo wags his tail furiously at first, but as Dad says, “He quickly becomes enamored with his new primate friend. He kisses the gorilla before taking her on dates for dinner and the park, plays scrabble with her, and ultimately bonds himself to her in holy matrimony.” I think Gorilla is here to stay, and I see many more beautiful memories before them.

And trust me, the final shot of Maymo and Gorilla will put a huge smile on your face. How adorable is this unlikely love connection?!

It’s no surprise that Maymo is already an internet-famous pup, known for his adventurous spirit, sense of humor, and undeniable charm. This latest video is sure to go viral in no time.

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