Adorable Dog Insists One Girl Stop Her Musical Practice. When You See The Pup? Hysterical!

There are many noises that dogs just can’t handle. I think that’s true of every person. Some can’t stand listening to someone else eating or chewing food. Some noises are just too much, can’t stand them. Dog whistles are especially painful, some pitches even for me. If you took a dog whistle and decided to enlarge it, what would that instrument look like? Possibly a flute, could be more of a clarinet. Whichever one it would most likely resemble, I have no idea, but it is some food for thought when you find moments like this.

I know when I first witnessed this, I was up in arms, but the way it was worded, man- threw me for a loop. It’s super hard to determine whether this hound really doesn’t like the diligent practice of one flute student or if he’s just trying to get in on the action. It’s really a tossup, opinion can vary from person to person.

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