Adorable Dog Gives Cat Doggie Kisses, But How The Cat Responds? LOL!

Dogs and cats have very different temperaments as most pet owners would attest. Even though we have seen many videos of cats and dogs getting along with each other, they are as different as chalk and cheese! Dogs are friendly and always in need of love and cats can seem to be distant and aloof!

That these two animals can annoy each other is well known. In this video, we see many clips of dogs annoying cats with their friendship and playfulness! Most of the cats in the video are uninterested in playing with dogs, so it’s a good thing that most cats usually have a calm temperament! They need all of that calm demeanor to put up with the dogs in these clips!

It seems these dogs have a limited number of approaches to making friends with the cat. Lying on the ground while barking, and then rolling over on their backs seems to be a popular one. Once clever pooch decides that repeatedly sneaking around the corner of the sofa and bopping the cat with his nose will make a good impression.

To me, the most entertaining clips are the ones where the little dog follows the cat, and then follows the cat some more, and then tries to get in front of the cat, and then follows the cat some more. Poor little pooches. They just can’t get any love from the cats.

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