This adorable dog makes for an excellent babysitter! You’ll definitely melt when you see this!

A lot of first time parents have trouble when deciding on what is the best way to introduce their pets to their newborn babies. They fret and feel nervous, no matter how well trained your pup is, babies are extremely fragile and their might never be a guarantee to how the dog will react at first. However, rest easy, most dogs are very kind and friendly, they have been by our side for centuries and have been bred to specifically understand human emotion. They actually make great baby sitters as you’ll see in the following video!

Watch as Mom brings her tiny newborn baby home; she lays the baby down for a nap. The family dog runs up and tries to get a closer look at the baby. You won’t believe what this caring dog did! This adorable dog wanted to make sure the newest member of the family was warm. He quickly assessed the situation, and then with clear purpose he grabs the baby and makes sure to cover the baby up. Once he finishes, he takes a moment to double check his work, making sure that is a job well done.

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