Adorable Dog Pleads The Fifth When Confronted With Her Destruction

Dog parents would know this. Just like any kid, dogs too get naughty. This means chewing up your shoes, biting objects, destroying a few things as well in the process. But when you confront them with what they’ve done, they could either look really guilty and hang their heads in shame or they would do what this dog did, look the other way.

In the video, you will see Christmas objects that are held up to the dog as evidence of destruction, but the dog refuses to acknowledge her actions. This is still really cute and I like the way she turns her head away but her eyes still home in on her owner, as if to see whether he is still there with the destroyed objects.

It’s almost like ignorance is bliss. If she doesn’t see what she’s done wrong, then everything is good in the world. You can see that this pooch has been busy playing a naughty elf. Instead of blaming her actions on naughty elves that Christmas, her owners know who the guilty culprit is.

Of course, perhaps the chew marks on those objects may have given her away. Daisy the dog happily wags her tail throughout the video. I don’t know if her owner expected her to own up to her efforts at redecorating, but this one sided conversation sure had me smiling from ear to ear.

Dogs are just too adorable! I loved this video because of Daisy’s expressions. What did you think of this video? Write in and let us know in the comments section below.

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