Adorable dog wakes up and sings along to wind chimes every morning

This 5-year-old Golden Retriever developed a liking for music since she was young and she’d go to her yard every morning to sing along to the wind chimes.

Bleu, an adorable Golden Retriever, has quite a unique musical talent. The five-year-old dog developed a musical attachment to the harmonies from the wind chimes since she was a small pup.

Over the years, Bleu has developed a ritualistic habit where she plays the wind chimes in her yard and also sings along to the melodious harmonies. You might as well think she’s a musician from the past reincarnated into an adorable and talented doggy.

Bleu’s musical prowess is awakened every time she runs to the wind chimes in the yard. Quite frankly she isn’t the only one enjoying the sweet melodies alone as her soothing and beautiful tunes have become a source of entertainment for the entire neighborhood.

The furry pup is seen confidently bumping to the sweet melodies as she wags her tail, barks, and howls to match the harmonious wind chime symphonies.

Bleu’s family decided to use her outstanding talent for the good of the community to create awareness for colon cancer and its victims. With over 350 000 views, more people continue to enjoy listening to this beautiful gift to humanity.

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Adorable dog wakes up and sings along to wind chimes every morning