Adorable Elephant Enjoys Walking With Rescue Family

It’s undoubtedly a majestic sight to see when a giant herd of elephants enjoys an evening walk in the wilderness. Stepping side by side, it’s hard not to stare in awe of these magnificent animals.

Herd Elephant Orphanage in South Africa is home to beautiful elephants that were once orphans and abandoned. They find love, happiness, and a new life full of adventure at the orphanage.

A precious calf named Khanyisa was new to the herd and spent her first few weeks at the orphanage recovering and getting used to her surroundings. It was time for her to join the other elephants for their evening walk.

Not only did Khanyisa feel comfortable with her new crew, but she also enjoyed herself. It doesn’t matter what species you come from, feeling welcomed, loved, and supported in your environment makes all the difference in the world.