This Adorable Elephant Trips In His Enclosure! You Won’t Believe How He Gets Out Of This Situation!

Elephants are extremely fascinating animals. They are extremely intelligent and self-aware.  Elephants are able to process emotion in a similar way that we do; they have amazing memory and there is an interesting study to find the cure to human cancer linked to the way their own bodies react to cáncer. All in all, these animals are truly awe-inspiring and absolutely adorable as well. The following video illustrates just another example of the personality and social conducts particular of elephants.

Elephants, take care of their young for a very long time, they are truly pack animals. Being alert for every member of their family and quick to come to their rescue when the have help the youngest of the herd. Check out the video below, this baby elephant at the beautiful Zurich Zoo trips and isn´t able to get back up. The older members of his pack and mom come quickly to his aid. They help him get up on his feet and clickly guide him to safe territory.

You can hear the crowd exclaim in worry when the baby elephant first falls and then the collective sigh of release!

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