Adorable Elephant Walks Every Day to Check on Wounded Dog Friend

Sometimes animals share a bond that can’t be broken, no matter what the circumstances are. When a loving elephant experiences separation from her dog friend after an injury, she shows just how far she’ll travel to be together.

Bella is a hyper yellow lab pup that loves to spend time running outdoors with her giant elephant friend. The two mismatched pals were always supervised while playing together as they both lived on an elephant sanctuary.

Unfortunately, Bella suffered a back injury and had to be separated from the other animals for several days. She couldn’t move and had to go into surgery and recovery for three weeks, leaving Tarra the elephant devastated.

Tarra decided that she’d walk over to the on-sight office where Bella was healing. She made a trip there every day to check on her canine friend. Before long, the two friends were able to play together until Bella’s passing in 2011.