Adorable Emu Discovers A Sprinkler And Completely Goes Wild With Excitement. So CUTE!

In the summertime, when the hot sun beats down, there’s nothing more refreshing than running around the lawn with a sprinkler going. An emu from Australia named Blacky just discovered the delight a simple sprinkler head can bring.

Blacky was hanging out, running around his area like any other normal day. Then, something unexpected happened, that turned the day from ordinary to extraordinary–Blacky found a sprinkler!

At first, Blacky appears utterly bewildered by this strange contraption. When the sprinkler shot water at him, he collapsed in shock! But Black soon recovered from his confusion, and embraced the wonder of the sprinkler.

He splashes around in the water, and even rolls on his back like a dog might. This is proof that sprinklers are just fun for kids and puppies, they’re great for the whole animal kingdom! Except cats, of course. We don’t think they’ll ever warm up to the idea of something that can spray them with water.

Watch Blacky discover his new favorite outdoor toy in the video below! What did you think? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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