Adorable Foal Nervous to Experience Outdoors for First Time

The outside world can be a terrifying and scary unknown place for both humans and animals. After a farmer adopted an adorable foal, they had a surprising reaction when they try to introduce the precious equine to the outdoors for the first time in its life.

It’s moments like this where we wish we could read the mind of animals. Usually, fouls are excited to leave the barn for the first time. It allows them to explore and run around, but this precious baby needed a little nudge.

Her mother was there to try to encourage her to come out to play, but she still didn’t leave the barn. Sienna is an adorable brown horse that doesn’t quite have her footing yet, and that’s perfectly okay.

After some help from her human friends, she was able to get outside of the barn. It didn’t take long for the once nervous foal to be running around with her other animal friends. It just goes to show that even animals need a little confidence boost sometimes.