Adorable Friendship Blooms Between Newborn Goat and Three Barn Kittens

Adorable Baby Goat Makes Friends With Three Orange KittensHector is only two days old, but already he’s making friends. Watch this adorable baby goat pal around with three orange kittens.

When Hector the Nigerian Dwarf goat kid was born, he was the only baby his mother gave birth to. Thus the little guy was lonely and looking for playmates. Luckily, the local barn cat had just had kittens.

It’s hard not to fall in love watching these little darlings playing with one another. Just listen to how one Youtube commenter put it: “I love Hector, the 3 barn kitties, Hector’s mom, Amelia, the wood shavings bale, the barn door, the green grass. Love that Hector and the barn kitties (new rock group) are almost the same color.”