Adorable Golden Retriever Falls in Love With New Puppy Sister

Whether they’re human or an adorable canine, it’s always heartwarming to see siblings meet for the first time. When this family introduces their beloved Golden Retriever to his puppy sister, he can’t help but fall in love.

Boomer was adopted when he was very young by his loving owners. Now, he’s nearly two years old and wanted a companion to play with. Shockingly enough, his human parents were able to adopt his biological puppy sister.

Bella came to her new home when she was just eight weeks old. Her older brother is unknowingly waiting at the front door for his owners to get home. They were closeby in the garage as they prepared a surprise for their adorable pup.

They walk inside the home with a paper gift bag that held little Bella and set it on the floor. Boomer starts to smell the bag and gives the precious puppy some welcome home kisses. The two siblings have an instant bond, and the video of the meeting has gone viral with over 12 million views.