Adorable Golden Retriever Makes Housecleaning A Hilarious Chore

There's No Separating This Mischievous Golden Retriever From Mommy During Cleaning Time, He Even Tries To Help!Living with Tucker the golden retriever isn’t exactly easy, but it sure is fun. Anytime his mom Linda tries to clean he turns it into a game.

There’s nothing easy about having to work around a big floofer whenever you have to clean the house. Luckily this floofer is adorable, otherwise, his games of keep-away would be less than enjoyable to watch.

One Youtube commenter has the right idea. “Linda reminds me of a Disney kinda princess character,” she said. “she washes the floor by hand and she has her animal SIDEKICK helping her clean.” Granted, I’m not sure I would exactly call what Tucker is doing “helping.” If by “help” you mean “halp” and by “halp” you mean taking away her cleaning supplies, then I if the glass shoe fits, wear it.