Adorable Golden Retriever Has A Touching First Meeting With His New Human Baby Brother!

This is one of those videos that I just can’t help but share with you immediately after I watch them. A very adorable and playful Golden Retriever is very eager to meet the newest member of the family, Ben, a tiny baby brother who was just recently born. Chester is the name of the pup, and he’s going to see him for the very first time. Goldens are very popular because of their incredibly friendly personalities, and he definitely shows it in the video that’s just a few scrolls down from here.

The baby’s parents didn’t take this first meeting to less, at all. They were very careful to help the dog be in the calmest mood, keeping their voice quiet to not upset him too much before he meets the small child. Mom was carrying little Ben while Dad stayed by the pup’s side, and when they see each other, the magic really begins. It’s nothing short of amazing to see such a big dog treat a small child in such a perfect way. After seeing them play carelessly with anything that calls their attention, it’s unexpected to see them being so tender and calm.

You can see this adorable moment for yourself in the video below!

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