Adorable Golden Retrievers Response To Receiving A Baby Brother… Hilarious!

Siblings can be a bond of beauty or a horrible and wicked concoction made to make your life miserable. Though, most times it’s a little of column A and a little of column B. There is more to a person than just the polar opposites that they may tend to swing towards. We all have the tendencies to go to both extremes at a moment’s notice. Though most people are consistent or at least more consistent with their moods and emotions, it seems siblings can be a great source of joy or annoyance for many. Some never really understand the bond other than being lumped into a category of “Kids” or living in the same room throughout most of their childhood. I remember pretending to run a radio station with my sister and we had a blast. Though, we argued over what songs should be played, we were working together and using that free and massively capable of growth device- imagination.

The phrase that can haunt and leave some in a state of panic and shock- “You’re getting a brother/sister! Aren’t you excited? How do you feel about it?” Some may respond positively, they may find it’s a bit lonely only playing by themselves. Yet, the initial reaction and shock that someone may feel is overcome with dread of sharing everything and misconceptions about what it means to have siblings. One such priceless reaction we see in the face of a Golden Retriever. I nearly lost it in public when I saw his reaction.

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