This Adorable Group Of Ducks Had Never Seen Water In Their Life! Watch This Beautiful Video!

Animal abuse can come in several different ways and from a wide spectrum of abuser profiles. For example many animals end up at shleters because of hoarding cases. In today’s story we will follow the happy rescue story of a group of ducks that had never dipped their feathers in water. This would be akin to us human being denied the right to walk. The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in High Falls, New York, rescued these ducks. When their rescuers brought them out to a pond to swim, no one expected what happened next.

Initially, the ducks elected to stick together as a group — they had never seen water before. Slowly, but surely, they started heading toward the water. For the brave ducks that went into the water first, they splashed around to “test the waters.” In the beginning they weren’t convinced, but then they soon realized that the water was quite nice!

You’re going to love how happy these ducks look to be in their natural habitat for the first time in their lives. To say it was a big day for these ducks would be an understatement!

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